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    NSRF Treasurer and Board Member, Jan Hurtt, just booked a Speaker for our July 9th NSRF Meeting

    Freddie Gaudet (he works as an aide in the Colorado State Capital House of Representatives)

    Topic: Amendment 69  

    A major change to Colorado Health Insurance is on the ballot this fall.  Are you ready to discuss and persuade your neighbors and friends?

    Please join us to discuss current Colorado political issues from The Right Side.

    The NSRF meets on the second Saturday of every month  from 9:00 am-11:00 am at Amazing Grace Church, 541 E. 99th Place in Thornton .   The doors open at 8:30 am.  Admission is $3 per person for members and $5 for non-members.  Coffee, orange juice, bottled water, fruit, & pastries are included with your admission.

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    Freddie Started Working at Colorado House of Representatives
    January 2015 — Legislative Aide
    Denver, Colorado

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  • The Adams County Republican Party will have its Lincoln Day Dinner on Thursday evening, Sept 8, 2016 with the theme “Annie, keep your gun!” a Second Amendment celebration. Key not speaker will be former CA Assemblyman Tim Donnelly. Come have a great time. Tickets are only $40. Celebrate our FREEDOM to Bear Arms!


  • Viewpoint: Single-payer health care for Colorado — the solution, or just another problem? – Denver Business Journal

    Colorado voters, come November, will have the option of choosing a new health care plan to replace the status quo via the Amendment 69 ballot initiative. The “status quo” being the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. This was enthusiastically supported in 2010 by all of the Colorado Democratic Congressional delegation, including Colorado Sens. Bennet and Udall, and Reps. DeGette, Perlmutter, and Polis. Obamacare is now serving Colorado residents so well that it already needs to be replaced.
    The replacement is called ColoradoCare, a single payer plan which according to its website, “Would finance comprehensive, high quality health care for every Coloradan.” This new plan would replace current commercial insurance plans, including employer-based insurance, Obamacare exchange plans and Medicaid.

    Read more …

  • Colorado minimum-wage-hike campaign turns in 200,000 signatures – Denver Business Journal

    Supporters of a proposed constitutional amendment to raise Colorado’s minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2020 turned in about 200,000 signatures Monday, making it very likely that the ballot initiative will be on the November statewide ballot.

    Colorado Families for a Fair Wage needs the office of Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams to verify 98,492 of the signatures are valid in order to put the proposal to a vote of the people.

    If that happens, Initiative No. 101 will become just the second citizen measure to make the ballot this year, joining the ColoradoCare universal health care proposal. Campaigns for another 10 to 12 initiatives are still gathering signatures.

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  • Trump Pence Logo








    Team Trump,
    Please use the following talking points when discussing the news of today.

    Polling Bounce After Trump’s Well-Received Convention Speech

    • After the successful Republican National Convention, and a well-received acceptance speech from Trump. Trump has experienced a positive bounce in the latest polls leading Clinton by 4 or 5 points in most.
      In the CNN/ORC poll, Trump has taken a 3 point lead in the head to head matchup 48-45, and a 5 point lead in the 4 way matchup 44-39. This is the first post-convention bounce in CNN’s polling since 2000.
      The Morning Consult has Trump up 44- 40, with the Republican Party consolidating around the nominee. A 6 point swing from before the convention.
      And the latest LA Times/USC tracking poll has seen a 4 point swing with Trump now leading 45-41.
    • Dems In Disarray, DWS Steps Down After Rigging System
      NEW IN WIKILEAKS STORY: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has resigned from her position, and will take a job with the Clinton campaign running their 50 state ground operation. A handsome reward for delivering Clinton the nomination.
    • The Democrat National Convention kicks off today in complete disarray as the party is without a chair with DWS stepping down.
      The division among Sanders and Clinton supporters are boiling over, as protestors have swarmed Philadelphia to protest the rigging of the system and delivering Clinton the nomination.
      The emails show DNC officials working to provide surrogates attacks to use on Sanders, including attacking his Jewish faith.
      DWS has done the right thing by stepping down after exposing her organization to foreign hackers, it is only right that Clinton do the same and back out of the race after exposing classified material to the same.
    • Russia Conspiracy Pushback
      The Clinton campaign’s latest spin is to say the Kremlin is actively promoting the Trump campaign by releasing the emails, an absurd claim.
      The DNC and its staffers wrote the emails. The hackers just found them. If DWS and the DNC had allowed a fair race between Sanders and Clinton to occur there would have been nothing to hack.
      The Clinton and Dems are upset they have been caught redhanded rigging the system for the D.C. establishment and are willing to throw out any crazy idea to shift the narrative.
      The Clinton’s remain the only family in this race who have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from Russian oligarchs, while sitting on boards that allowed American uranium to be sold to the Russians.
    • Top-line Talking Points On Tim Kaine
      Clinton’s pick of Tim Kaine to be her running mate shows just how out of touch she is with the American public and her own party.
      Tim Kaine has a history of using his political position to receive gifts from donors with business before his state, right in line with Hillary’s pay to play philosophy.
    • Kaine even protected and promoted the rigged super delegate system that guaranteed Clinton’s win in the primary, as chair of the DNC.
      Clinton’s pick is protégé of herself, pro-Wall Street, pro-TPP, ethically questionable. It is not a shock that she wants to ensure her presidency continues to embrace these policies if she has to leave the Oval Office.
  • 06_hillary_clinton_71_gty_1160.jpg
    Colorado was part of the Clinton campaign’s initial, general-election advertising campaign. | Getty

    Clinton campaign pulls ads from Colorado

    PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton’s campaign is pulling its television advertisements from Colorado, at least temporarily, after building a sizable and durable lead in the traditional battleground state.

    The decision could reflect increasing confidence about Clinton’s chances to capture Colorado’s nine electoral votes in the fall. But a Clinton campaign official, granted anonymity to discuss the campaign’s internal operations, stressed the campaign’s advertising strategy against Donald Trump will change constantly over the next three months.

    Colorado was part of the Clinton campaign’s initial, general election advertising campaign, which began in mid-June and cost at least $22 million. But Monday is the final day of that ad buy.

    The Clinton campaign began placing another two weeks of reservations last week, beginning this Tuesday. But this time, it omitted Colorado from the list of target states. The campaign is set to air ads in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The buy is worth at least $7.7 million over the next two weeks.

    Pennsylvania was added to the initial ad flight last week, in advance of this week’s convention here. Read more …

  • Economy 24.07.2016 No Comments

    Sometimes it helps to employ unconventional perspectives when thinking about the size of things.

    So here’s a pretty awesome map from American Enterprise Institute’sMark Perry that shows how massive and productive America’s $18 trillion economy is on a global scale.

    The map compares the gross domestic product of US states with the national GDPs of other nations.

    America’s largest state economy is California. In 2015, the Golden State’s GDP was about $2.46 trillion, slightly above France’s GDP ($2.42 trillion). But France’s population is about 66.48 million, while California’s is only about 39.14 million — meaning California produces about the same as France with about 40% fewer people.

    To put it in a global perspective, if California were its own country in 2013, it would have been the sixth-biggest economy in the world — right behind the UK, whose GDP was $2.85 trillion.

    Check out the rest of the states in the map below:

    US States renamed for countries based on GDP


  • Meanwhile, nearly 60% of Americans say Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is dishonest.
    Obama: Honesty Is ‘Absolutely Necessary’ Trait for a President
    President Obama said in an interview with CBS airing Sunday that honesty was “absolutely necessary” for a president in order to build trust with the American people.

    Obama has endorsed his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, to succeed him in the White House. In the wake of her private email scandal and the FBI’s revelation that she was “extremely careless” with classified material, Clinton’s honesty numbers with the public are dismal. The FBI also refuted Clinton’s constant claim that she never sent or received classified material on her server, which she has dismissed as a mere “mistake.”

    “FDR and Lincoln were both talented at letting both sides of an issue think that they agreed with both of them,” Face The Nation host John Dickerson said. “Is honesty overrated as a presidential quality?”

    “It’s interesting,” Obama said. “I actually think that honesty is not overrated. I think it is absolutely necessary, because the trust you have with the American people is currency that can get depleted and is hard to build back up.

    “What I also believe, though, is that the issues we deal with are so complicated and trying to move all the pieces together to move this huge ocean liner that is the U.S. government means that sometimes holding your tongue, sometimes letting things play themselves out, knowing not just when to act but also when to hold back and see how things are playing out so that you can pick and choose the time to do what needs to be done because the moment may not be ripe yet, those things, I think, are a matter of feel.

    “Lincoln and FDR were masters at it. I’m not in their league, but hopefully after seven-and-a-half years, I’ve gotten a little better at it.”

US National Debt Clock

By Eric

Come join us

Please join us to discuss current Colorado political issues from The Right Side.

The NSRF meets on the second Saturday of every month from 9:00 am-11:00 am at Amazing Grace Church, 541 E. 99th Place in Thornton . Use the north door to enter. Admission is $3 per person for members and $5 for non-members. Coffee, orange juice, bottled water, fruit, & pastries are included with your admission.

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