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    History 101: Western Heritage—
    From the Book of Genesis to John Locke
    An online course beginning October 15

    Register now at online.hillsdale.edu

     “History 101: Western Heritage—From the Book of Genesis to John Locke” is a free, ten-week, not-for-credit online course offered by Hillsdale College. This online course covers such topics as Hebrew civilization, classical Greece and Rome, the advent and spread of Christianity, the Renaissance and Reformation, the scientific enlightenment, and the English Revolution of 1688, whose principles would later inspire America’s founders. Lectures are delivered and Q&A sessions conducted by members of Hillsdale’s history department faculty, and readings are drawn from Western Heritage: A Reader used in the Western Heritage core course taught on Hillsdale’s campus.

    Currently participating in Constitution 101 or Constitution 201? All History 101 lectures, once released, will be archived and available to view on demand.

    For more information about History 101, visit http://online.hillsdale.edu/.

    Please email onlinecourses@hillsdale.edu with any questions.

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    2 Comments to "History 101: Western Heritage free online course from Hillsdale College"

    • David S. Johnson says:

      Is their a ‘Western Civilization” Text you would recommend ?
      From early man forward to the 19th century ?
      Other, A hard cover reading to complement the course.

      • NSRF Administrator says:

        Incredible book/ Great for students high school to college
        By Alex M. Tuffile on November 12, 2012

        Any book put out by Hillsdale should be purchased by anyone who wants to learn about the founding. Hillsdale is a college that does not except any federal money. They offer free online classes for anyone interested. I’ve taken Constitution 101/102 can’t recommend them enough. The Hillsdale Constitution reader is another great book. This book is for their Western Civ class. The classes can be found at http://online.hillsdale.edu/home. They are totally free. You don’t have to purchase the books since they post all the readings but the books are great reference material. Parents if you have high school kids who are learning the left leaning history of America in School. Combat it with these classes. They don;t have to take the tests. Just doing the reading will teach them volumes. I am a Political science major at UMASS Amherst and these classes I’ve taken online at Hillsdale are better than anything I’ve taken at Umass and I pay over $25,000 a year to hear aging radicals bash the country I love so much.


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